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  • brett-admin Been to many rallies this year? What has been your favourite?
    September 10, 2014
  • vesparado Bit more done today.
    April 18
  • JoDaines Please have a look at this new website! 
    April 9
  • hatch Hello just found this site , hope a lot of people are talking about scooters cheers
    April 20
  • mark71 Hi all, just after a bit of advice.  My P2 is in dry dock (shed) at the moment and I'm thinking of changing the exhaust.  Everything is bog standard on my scoot but I would like something that would give me a little more omph but looks standard, any other shape scrapes the ground when I bump up the step to put it in the forecourt.  Thanks, Mark...
    March 27
  • Malch1 what is the best way to remove the rear wheel on my lml star?
    April 23
  • vespabianchi I've just got back from a few days in Florence.  I passed the Pontadera factory on the train.  It's massive, with huge wind turbines churning away over it. Popular scoots in Florence - Libertys and Beverly 300s everywhere, more than a few Yamaha X-Citys and T-Maxs.  Vespa S common too.  Very few MP3s and absolutely no Yourbans as far as I could see.
    November 13, 2012