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  • tigerpaul If anyone's off to Cleethorpes rally in a few weeks, there is a band playing called Blistered. Really good band playing Mod, Britpop and Indie stuff. Definitely worth checking out! They are also on Facebook.
    June 13, 2015
  • Pluggy Hello all Having a problem with a SIP Digital speedo!!!!! Engine PX 200. Malossi ignition. Beedspeed loom. Non battery. The lights while on work but no speedo.The speedo then works with lights in the off postion. Tried all options. Any takers on this? Many thanks
    May 26
  • ESPANSCOOTFAN Hi Hugo 50:1 or 2 percent is the norm.  Some people go up to 3 percent to be safe.  Maybe I should have in my PX!
    May 31
  • zerotimelineman I'm thinking about getting a rear rack for my PX 125E and would like to hear the general consensus of opinion on which is the best general purpose rack to get, that fits in with the style of the PX. I'm all ears?
    November 27, 2015
  • janet87 Hi we're quite close to Aylesbury but don't go there much!
    June 7, 2012
  • gerrythemerc I think it was 'Styling dept' cheepy where they tried to get away without providing a recess in the body metal deep enough to lose the plastic thickness which would cost a fortune. There should be nothing between the bubble and the body apart from the bubble rubber seal to get a good fit.
    May 15