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  • stevejarvis3 Hi can anyone help me? I have a Lambretta SX200 with an MB cast cylinder head and 200cc piston and it has a Dellorto 26PHBH carb through a 42 mm Clubman exhaust. I'm having trouble getting it to run right and its almost there but not quite. Does anyone know where I can look to find carb settings i.e needles, slide, atomiser etc that I need to use for this set up. The main problem I seem to have is that after starting or stopping at junctions the engine is `burbling`and wont respond to the throttle, I know how to clear it, which is to get off the scoot, switch off the fuel and then rev it on full throttle until it clears, then switch fuel back on and away I go until the next junction, but its a pain to keep going through this ritual. Any help or being pointed in the right direction as to where I can find a list of carb settings/needles/slides would be much appreciated.  Cheers
    June 13, 2014
  • pj71smithy retro bar and lounge at westhoughton, anyone been?
    May 25
  • Twowheelover51 Having a problem deciding which mod or screen I need to do to the TMax to alleviate the turbulence from the standard screen. Over 30mph it just gets steadily worse.. I'm thinking of the Laminar Lip which fits on the standard screen to alter the airflow, or else a Givi AF442, an adjustable screen replacement. Does anyone else here own a 500 TMax, and has solved this problem which otherwise spoils a lovely scooter?   
    August 7
  • olliealexander54 Alright lads, I have a Yamaha Jog RR 2 stroke de-restricted, I've purchased a Polini Hi-Speed ECO Kit Variator Kit (Blue Coil, 5.8g rollers), with a Technigas Q-Tre Exhaust, Naruku Performance clutch (Set of Red Springs + Set of Blue Springs) and bell.  Can I expect to see good results in acceleration or top end? If not what can I do in terms of replacing springs or other new parts?
    August 17
  • rebelpeter Ok ive wrote down all the info to check belt if i get probs ill text u as you say, but i should be ok thanks to your instructions... Thankx
    August 24