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  • pjbird2000 Thanks for the add
    December 15, 2011
  • Kazzy Oh dear Hugo, hope you get your wheels sorted out soon, a camper sounds great, the worlds your oyster with one of them. Would really love to come and see you guys and the festival sounds great. I've only just broke up for the summer hols and we're taking the grandkids and my mum and dad on holiday on the Norfolk Broads,  just hope I manage with the boat I think I will have to rely on Ian for that one, it'll be a first for me. Will see what's happening (hopefully not too much babysitting) and will try and sort something. Unfortunately Ian is waiting to see a surgeon as he has been told he needs a double knee replacement so a lot depends on that at the moment but if it's ok with you if we can't get to you this year maybe next would be ok. Take care, enjoy the sun xxx
    July 18
  • auzie1403 hi all, you have more than likely had this question a million times, at 29 yrs of age i am looking to buy my first moped/motor bike, but have not got a clue about bikes so no idea what woud be good for y first, i only want to spend 1000 tops on the bike, seen direct bikes have some cheap but also found out they chinese rubbish so not interested in them, any help will be gretly appreciated, many thanks :)
    July 4