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  • paulepiaggio125 hey brett, I do like it, I would admit that its not as nice to look at as some of the classic restored lambos I see about, but as you pointed out its a larger scooter and that is why I bought it, cos im a larger bloke, 20 stoner and 6 ft 2" so I don't look a complete cock on it, lol
    February 9
  • Tonyghosthunter I'm trying to get hold of him. Sent him a message but no word yet.
    February 13
  • aardvark what condition was the metal work though, did you have that all prepared first? I guess yes...
    February 1
  • M1ck What could be worse ,A lovely day like this and my Lambretta is in the menders!  
    March 10, 2014
  • ESPANSCOOTFAN Hi All,  Enjoying using my scoot in Spain but having a recurring  problem. Last year I wasn't using it but turned it over most days and kept it on a smartcharger.  During the summer it suddenly it wouldn't start.  Checked and cleaned the plug etc and still no joy.  My mate who is far more mechanically minded than me came up with the theory that because of the heat the petrol in the pipe from the tank had evaporated leaving the oil in the pipe which had congealed and blocked it.  When I come to start it the next time no joy.  I have filled the tank up and then shook the scoot to try and and dislodge the blockage and then injected fuel backwards up the pipe to help it along.  Tried starting it nothing.  I'll try again inthe morning but what do you guys think?
    September 26, 2013