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  • furryrattus hi all!
    March 11
  • p2power Hugo why waste your time get on to beadspeed .com orders over a certain amount is free postage and there brilliant
    Wed at 12:20 PM
  • pj71smithy Love my vespa to bits but sluggish as hell, 13 plate so its got all the restrictions and standard exhaust on and whilst in at the scooter shop where I originally bought from getting some minor warranty issues fixed I mentioned  to the chap in the shop about my go-slow vespa he suggested two options… 1) new jets (cant remember which ones but bigger) and fitting a sito exhaust at the same time, said it’d be nippier round town and give it a little more oomph but top end no big difference. 2) fitting a malossi 172 kit but saying that could inherit problems. Any advice or suggestions would really appreciate.   Thanks Paul.
    March 1
  • davidjohn First time checking in, hi to all
    December 1, 2014
  • goody1984 on my stainless car exhaust iv always used tiny bit of wire wool soaked in soapy water baggyboy64
    January 12, 2012