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  • SaturdaysKid Cheers Johntee
    April 1
  • Pluggy Hello Again thanks. Ive battled with engines for years, even though we all like tinkering, its jyst a pain to constantly strip engines, going around in circles, with no satisfaction of actually riding the scoot. My restoration has took me 7 yrs of madness!! The body, wheels are immaculate. Thanks again
    January 7
  • Tommy Anyone down the hard today?
    May 5, 2014
  • colin4255 Take a look at the Android phone App for 2016. A mobile phone app with a list of all UK scootering events for 2016. To install the APP, use your phones web browser and visit:     and wait a minute for the page to come up. Next  click DOWNLOAD, then be patient for a moment while your device PREPARES the App. The app is 'native' so it does not need an internet or mobile data connection to work after you download it, so it is free to use!  This cuts out broadband costs  because it’s all stored on your phone ready for when you want to use it The app isn’t charged for and you won’t  incur any charges for it in use.   To avoid any mobile download costs from your phone provider, download it once your device is connected to wireless internet.   We welcome any comments, but bear in mind we are not professional app developers, just scooterists with bad memories who all need a list! Or visit for more information
    April 7
  • Robert501s Hi bratt this is all new to me old people should not have computers
    March 30
  • mark71 Hi all, just after a bit of advice.  My P2 is in dry dock (shed) at the moment and I'm thinking of changing the exhaust.  Everything is bog standard on my scoot but I would like something that would give me a little more omph but looks standard, any other shape scrapes the ground when I bump up the step to put it in the forecourt.  Thanks, Mark...
    March 27, 2015