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  • stevejarvis3 Hi can anyone help me? I have a Lambretta SX200 with an MB cast cylinder head and 200cc piston and it has a Dellorto 26PHBH carb through a 42 mm Clubman exhaust. I'm having trouble getting it to run right and its almost there but not quite. Does anyone know where I can look to find carb settings i.e needles, slide, atomiser etc that I need to use for this set up. The main problem I seem to have is that after starting or stopping at junctions the engine is `burbling`and wont respond to the throttle, I know how to clear it, which is to get off the scoot, switch off the fuel and then rev it on full throttle until it clears, then switch fuel back on and away I go until the next junction, but its a pain to keep going through this ritual. Any help or being pointed in the right direction as to where I can find a list of carb settings/needles/slides would be much appreciated.  Cheers
    June 13
  • steve69 offham rally this sunday anyone going
    October 17, 2013
  • mark71 Looking to buy a Vespa lx50 or et2 for my daughter, if you have one for sale pls inbox me with details, cheers...  
    June 20, 2013
  • ChelseaPaul Keep forgetting about this place :D how is everyone?
    June 16, 2012
  • Spike Tough day coming up; been to the gym, eaten 2 slices of cake by 11 am, got a biscuit with my name on it (literally!) to eat, just about to go for a brown liquid lunch, then gonna eat the biscuit, whilst chillin out at home looking at Scooter stuff before going for a drink this evening. . . why? because its my birthday!
    March 18, 2013
  • Scruffers Quick lid review of the Carnaby Designs Helmet. Looks GOOD, love the grey as its not that common a colour and looks slightly duck egg blue, feels not too heavy and very comfortable once on, room to slide your shades on once its on, always a bonus. Only 2 things I'd change, the quick lock system, the button/female side needs to be about an inch longer to be able to get a grip on it and fasten it easier, I've fiddled for a few minutes trying to get it connected more than a few times and ended up grabbing another lid, and the visor, would love to see it come with Pin Lock included, those things work fantastic. Overall about 7 out of ten would be a good 9 with a longer connector and pin lock, Cheers Paul
    August 3, 2013